Dragon's Thorn

Deep in a cave looking for a dragon...

After talking with the elves you know your in the right place, just not sure how much farther into the depths you need to go to find the dragon. Moving cautiously in they find two adjoining rooms with cultists in them, some sleeping and the rest at their ease. With some well places webs from a wand they effectively split the enemies into two groups easily dispatching them. They search the room and find some loot and move on. In the following hallway Milo spots a magical rune on the floor. He lets the party know and they dispel it. Milo once again sneaks ahead and finds a room with a single person laying in a bed. He returns to the party to let them know and they make their entrance into the chamber.  As they enter they find the person in the bed is no longer there. Striking from suprise the elf attacks and and then gets attacked in return. After taking damage, he turns and flees the room and the party gives chase. Through a small passage way and into a large cave the enter and find the dragon angry his rider has been injured.



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